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About us

Our story of where we started. It was 2010 year. We were full beginners in sailing. It started with the desire to ride a catamaran. After many years, we are still improving our water recreation

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12J u l y. . .


This was our very first project to build a catamaran. We made it from improvised means. Mast made of aluminum pipe. The deck was made of boards and an aluminum profile. The sail was sewn from an old parachute. We did not know anything about sailing, but we really wanted a catamaran and get pleasure from it. It was a fun time when we started our story.

17J u n e


It was a great day for sailing and it was our third participation in the championship. A large number of new participants from all over the country. A lot of smiles and new acquaintances. Everybody is waiting for the start. A loud signal sounds and the race begins. The championship lasted two days. I will never forget that racing. As a result, we took first place in our class.
Indescribable emotions remained in our hearts.

Sailing championship in Moldova

We tookfirst place :))

5J u n e. . .


It is our first hand crafted catamaran made from fiberglass. We spend a lot of time before we made it. It was look like a "Mad max" style before paint :))) Next question was how to make a sails? And it was easier than to make a cup of coffee. Using a software my father made a sails in one month. And finally our dream come true... The first touch of water took place on the fifth of June 2016.



5 meterslong(17 feet)

1A u g u s t. . .


In 2017 we have started a new project. It is a 38 feet cruising catamaran. We called him "Hermes". Some of our friends did not believe when they saw it in real life. It was really funny to see their reaction. Later this year, we decided to make it fully electric. Our aim is to live with comfort, independent from shore, around 5-8 days. Air conditioning, watermaker, 24 hours electricity onboard. I think it is our next level challenge.


In progress...


11 Meters long(38 Feet)

1M a y


Hull / Deck - Molded wood composite construction of pine plywood in conjunction with epoxy resin. Decking - mahogany planking with epoxy coating and clear lacquer sealed. Side panels - mahogany planking with epoxy coating and clear lacquer sealed. Windscreen made of laminated safety glass. Comfortable bench for 5 people with sunlounger and microfiber alcantara. Storage in the bow and stern. Instruments with GPS tachometer, tachometer, tank, oil pressure gauge, voltmeter and cooling water temp. You can use bluetooth speakers for music. Additionally we can install freezer.


In progress...

"Harpoon 17"

5.05 Meters long(17 Feet)

5N o v e m b e r


Hull / Deck: Molded wood composite construction of Okumé Marine plywood in conjunction with epoxy resin. Decking: mahogany planking with epoxy coating It is completely environmentally friendly material and it comes from central Siberia. Custom built cockpit from diamond white with cappuccino marine leather. Comfortable bucket seats, bench, sun lounger and microfiber alcantara side panels with teflon coating. Cabin with two beds in the bow (expandable). Storage in the bow and stern.


Production start on 5 November

"Harpoon 28"

8,8 Meters(29 Feet)


Our strategy for the next 3 years


Start building a 38 feet Catamaran


Design a 28 feet power boat


Start a new design 40 feet cruise runabout


Buying equipment and staff training.


Increase production up to 40 boats per year


Start buildng 17 feet boat "Harpoon 17"


Start production of 10 power boats


Building a new boatyard for 1200 m2 (12,900 sq ft)


Start producing 40 feet runabout

W ea r ef r o mM o l d o v a

executive team

Our boatyard consists of energetic, open minded and even beautiful team members :)) We are all as a single and well-established mechanism. Each of us wants to see our boats in all the most beautiful places on the planet. We sincerely believe that dreams come true

Arcadi Tarutin

CEO, Marine craftsperson

Arkadi is our highly skilled craftsman in our shipyard. In 1992 he became the world champion in skydiving USSR team. He is a very energetic person who inspires us so far.

Andrei Tarutin

Founder, Marine craftsperson

What can I say about myself? A charismatic and enthusiastic realist. I wish to create first professional boatyard in my country. And i'm always glad to meet new creative people around the world.

Liubovi Tarutina

Marketing specialist

She is a very well educated and talented person. Luba helps us in design and marketing. Her approach is very important in creating a modern boat.

Serghei Svistula

Designer, naval architect

Serghei is a talented and experienced Architect and Yacht Designer. With more than 40 years experience on sailing, design and yacht building, we are proud that he is in our team.

Vlad Kovalenco

Skipper, Marine craftsperson

Vlad is a very serious and responsible marine craftsperson. He has build his own yacht, called "IA".

Serghei Bolgar

Skipper, Marine craftsperson

Serghei is a very experienced furniture designer and engineer. He is working with patience on every part in his design. Talented and open mind person.

Alexander Iliuha

Marine craftsperson, Engineer

Alexander is our big engineer. He is working with fiberglass, metal, plastic, wood and many other materials. I think he is the most universal craftsperson in Hermestar.